The Lincoln Inaugural Train of 1861
The Lincoln Funeral Train of 1865

The story of the two most important trains in United States Presidential History.



Scott Trostel, author of both books is an excellent speaker, having appeared on STEALING LINCOLNíS BODY, NPR and several radio and TV stations around the U S and Canada. He brings nearly 50 years of speaking experience to the podium. He talks are often given to full audiences. Donít miss the opportunity to hear a facinating historian.

He offers three programs on the Lincoln trains.

1. The Lincoln Funeral Train -- 45 to 50 minutes with PowerPoint

2. The Lincoln Funeral Train -- 40 to 45 minutes with PowerPoint

3. Both Lincoln Trains in a combined program of about 1 hour and 10 minutes with PowerPoint.


Speaker Fee $500

Plus travel expenses.*



*My wife may opt to accompany me, her expense would be a part of my travel expense.


May 8, 2015

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